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Substance Abuse Treatment in Coimbatore

Substance Abuse Treatment

A repetitive and over-usage of drugs or alcohol that causes mental impairment, breakdowns, mood disorders, near fatal mishaps, or suicide attempts, and harms the overall physical health is characterized as substance abuse.

  • Types
  • Causes
  • Depressants– Substances that are used as getaway drug falls under this category. Opioids, barbiturates, benzodiazepines are characterized as depressant substances. These drugs are used as an escape from stress. People who abuse opioids develop problems in their CNS. Other issues include mental imparity, addiction, and excruciating physical pain. People who abuse opioids and sedative-hypnotic drugs are prone to overdose and lethal outcomes when it's mixed with alcohol. Heroin, morphine, Xanax, Valium, Prozac and Zolpidiem are some examples of common depressants.
  • Psychedelic Abuse– Use of hallucinogenic substances to alter the sense of perception, thoughts and feelings can be characterized as psychedelic abuse. Psychoactive drugs like MDMA, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms are abused in high amounts for recreational purposes.
    These drugs are very harmful to the mental and physical health. The central nervous system suffers a full blown hit when a person having an underlying mental illness abuses a psychoactive drug. Overdosing on these drugs may lead to neurotic problems, losing sense of reality, and even comatose.
  • Marijuana Abuse- Use of cannabinoids kindles euphoria, uplifted sensation, delusional perception and irrational actions. It also causes one to develop an increased appetite. Overuse of marijuana affects the nervous system. It causes shaking, hallucinations, loss of weight, fatigue, and nausea. Withdrawal symptoms can be just as bad.
  • Alcohol– One of the most consumed drug all over the world is alcohol. It is mainly used as a recreational drug. Alcohol can cause harm to your organs and affect the nervous system. Alcohol gives a sense of heightened physical relaxation, diversion from stress and depression and euphoric feeling.
    Alcohol mainly affects the liver. It can cause bodily harm to your skin, life style and mental well being. Abuse of alcohol often leads to distress, sexual dysfunction, violence, anxiety and depression.
  • Genetics- Some individuals are more prone to substance abuse than others because of their genes. Advanced genetic screening technology can help people tackle this problem before it occurs.
  • Other Mental Health Issues- People constantly under stress and depression will be more willing to find an escape in the form of substance use to make themselves feel better. Alcohol and drugs provides people with temporary euphoria and delusions. People already suffering from a mental illness are more likely to fall prey to substance abuse than people using drugs for recreational purposes.
  • Environment- Peer pressure is another significant factor that lead people towards substance use, that leads to substance abuse. The urge to belong and feel accepted makes people take irrational decisions like substance use. Recreational activities often involves alcohol and other drugs during teenage. It seems harmless at first but eventually many people get addicted to it and find themselves in a problematic situation.
  • Diagnosis

  • Diagnosis is done by medical professionals by testing the individual's blood and neural activity in the brain. Psychological evaluations are also done to determine drug dependency and addiction.

There are two broad approaches of treatment of bipolar disorder:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy helps patients realise their addiction and show them ways to cope. It involves several activities to keep them engaged in day to day life in order to ignore or avoid the urge of taking drugs.
  • Motivational programs and talk therapy helps patients deal with their addiction. Consulting a psychologist or a psychiatrist is the best way a victim of substance abuse can improve their life.

Dr. Syed Ummar

Consultant Psychiatrist

1 in 6 people are thought to suffer with an substance abuse at any one time

Dr Syed Ummar is an experienced and highly empathetic Psychiatrist in coimbatore who works with young people and adults with often complex mental health problems. he bases many of his interventions on the cognitive behavioural approach.

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