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Sleep Disorders Treatment In Coimbatore

Sleep Disorders Treatment

Sleep disorder may occur due to mental or physical health issues. The commonest causes of the various kinds of sleep disorder are stress, chronic depression, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnoea, and skin irritability.

The pronunciation and effect of sleep disorders are different for every person. A person suffering from sleep apnoea will have different symptoms of sleep disorder than a person experiencing stress. Sleep disorder affects our mood, concentration and physical health as well.

There are many conditions, diseases, and disorders that can cause sleep disturbances. In many cases, sleep disorders develop as a result of an underlying health problem and you need to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist to figure out the cause so that you can start the right treatment.

  • Effects
  • Causes
  • A person suffering from sleep disorder might feel tired all the time. Interrupted sleep makes the brain tired and the muscles restless.
  • Tiredness can disrupt your daily and social life. Less enthusiasm, low motivational drive, more work stress and pressure are some of the effects of various kinds of sleep disorders.
  • A person suffering from sleep disorder will experience lack of concentration and focus. This may affect your work as you won’t be able to fulfil your deadlines in given time. This is primarily because of hormonal imbalances due to lack of rest and loss of appetite
  • Also, the fact that your brain is not rested and ready directly affects performance in professional as well as social settings.
  • A person with sleep walking problem might face problems to co-ordinate with reality. They might feel the loss of time and even forget what day it is because their biological clock got manipulated.
  • Sleep disorder often leads a patient to full blown stress and hypertension. A person may feel constant agitation every day to do simple day to day tasks.

A person experiencing sleep disorder may have a tendency to

  • sleep walk
  • might experience night terrors
  • nightmares
  • sleep paralysis
  • constant interruption during sleep
  • the effects too count as symptoms

Sleep disorder can be caused by different reasons from environmental, physical to mental health issues. Usually, each cause affects the mind and the body in a different way.

Some of the reasons are:

  • Nocturia- A repetitive urge to urinate is a common reason for disruptive sleep issues. Nocturia generally occurs when there’s a hormonal imbalance or infection in the urinary tract.
  • Stress- Stress has a strong negative impact on your moods, focus, and also physiological aspects like appetite. It drives a person to the point of overthinking which can lead to full blown insomnia.
  • Depression- A person going through mild or chronic depression may suffer from sleep disorders. Although increased sleep is a sign of depression, insomnia and nightmares can occur too.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- A person that experienced trauma in the past is more likely to go through regular nightmares and irregular sleep patterns.

Psychological therapies and exercises might be a process of the treatment.

  • Sleep Restriction Therapy- In this therapy the therapist restricts short naps and early sleep timings, so a proper sleep pattern is maintained.
  • Stimulus Control Therapy- In this therapy the therapist studies the actions and activities your body goes through during sleep.
  • Diet Monitoring- Our diet often influences the sleep pattern we are influencing. A therapist might advice you to consult a nutritionist, so that you can rule out nutritional causes.
  • Restriction from Blue Light- Constantly looking at the monitors of any electronic device may expose you to blue light, which harms the eyes and the sleep as well.
  • Phototherapy- An exercise where a person is timely exposed to light. This helps in restoring the internal biological clock.
  • Medication- Medication might be prescribed to people who absolutely need it by a doctor. Self medication is to be strictly avoided, as is the intake of prescribed medication with other drugs.

Dr. Syed Ummar

Consultant Psychiatrist

1 in 6 people are thought to suffer with an sleep disorders at any one time

Dr Syed Ummar is an experienced and highly empathetic Psychiatrist in coimbatore who works with young people and adults with often complex mental health problems. he bases many of his interventions on the cognitive behavioural approach.

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