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How to Know if I have Anxiety Disorder?

It is very difficult to draw a clear line between “feeling anxious or stressing over something” and “having an anxiety disorder”. Therefore, if you think you are feeling anxious about things you didn’t before, or laugh at the “My anxieties have anxieties” meme because you relate, don’t ignore it. Seek help with a good psychiatrist in Coimbatore. Here are some symptoms that suggest you might actually have an anxiety disorder.

Here Are Some Symptoms

  1. Procrastination and Lethargy- People call you lazy, you often berate yourself for failing to maintain deadlines because you were too tired to work. In fact, you didn’t feel that tired until you actually sat to work. Don’t be hard on yourself, you might be suffering from anxiety disorder. The littlest of tasks can seem too difficult to face. Get help.
  2. Panic Attacks- You’re panicking over a lost file right before a presentation? Totally normal. You’re panicking over thoughts of something going wrong, and you feel that way often? That is not normal and do not let anybody make you feel bad for not acting ‘normal’. You are probably suffering from anxiety disorder and that is not your fault. Your only fault is to not seek professional help. Look out for symptoms like breathlessness, extreme sweating, sweaty palms, increased heart rate, or absolute numbness in some cases.
  3. Avoiding social Situations- Social anxiety is very difficult to detect. Sometimes you are really just around rude and arrogant people who make you feel bad. But if you feel so conscious about being ridiculed, judged, and harassed by people in general, that you’d rather stay home than meet friends, you need to address this problem. You do not need to be a social butterfly or adored by all. You need to address your social anxiety so that you can enjoy socializing to a healthy extent and choose friends in your life.
  4. Performance degradation- Sometimes you don’t even take the initiative to do something because you think you will fail. Often your idea of failing is not achieving perfection. You often procrastinate to an extent that you no more have the time to execute the perfect plan you had in mind. You only have the time to finish the task somehow.
    If you fail to focus on work and then hyperventilate over deadlines, it is more often anxiety than ADHD. It is difficult to get the right diagnosis to talk to at least three different reputed therapists and do not forget to mention what you really feel.
    Again, this isn’t laziness if you are feeling guilt and regret and hopelessness. You need to address your anxiety. Being a perfectionist and having an “I will either do it perfectly or not do it at all” attitude is harmful for you if you find yourself choosing to not to it at all more often because you know that kind of perfection is hard to achieve.
  5. Irritability and Restlessness- It feels horribly alienating and lonely to be called rude and be avoided by people because you are not patient enough. Of course, you do end up being rude sometimes. But before you just let yourself believe you are a natural sociopath who doesn’t like to be around people (which in itself is again unusual for the most social species, that is, homo sapiens), do see a therapist or a psychiatrist in Coimbatore to find out how stressed you are and if you have developed anxiety disorder over time.
  6. Phobias- We know phobias are irrational fears. But just because they are not ‘rational’ per se, does not mean they are not real and can just be imagined away. In fact, because they don’t have a reasonable physical cause, they are stronger. You can deal with a reasonable fear by taking away the reason to protect yourself. But how do you deal with something even you don’t know the exact reason behind? Be it hydrophobia, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, or any phobia, it is a type of anxiety disorder and you need professional help.
  7. Sleep Disorders- Sleep disorders can result from many mental health issues. Depression and anxiety are the commonest of them all. Sleep disorders can manifest in various forms. Maybe you cannot fall asleep even when you are tired. Maybe keep waking up startled too many times in a week or in a night. Maybe you just cannot wake up because the thought of going through the entire day scares you. These are all symptoms of anxiety disorder or a combination of anxiety disorder and depression.


When you experience any of these symptoms, not once but twice, and you think your usual coping mechanisms are getting weaker, please seek professional help because you deserve to heal. Do not wait to suffer too badly just to be sure. Be kind to yourself and take these symptoms seriously. Seek help. Go to a good psychiatrists in coimbatore near you.

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