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Psychological counselling, or some medical assistance for your psychiatric problems, or a combination of both, Syed Ummar is the best psychiatric doctor in Coimbatore for all kinds of problems related to psychological issues.


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Anxiety Disorders Treatment in Coimbatore

Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Anxiety disorders can be a serious illness and have long term problems

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Depression Treatment

Qualified clinical team providing depression advice and the best course of action

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Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Coimbatore

Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Bipolar disorder is one of the commonest mental disorders

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Sleep Disorders Treatment In Coimbatore

Sleep Disorders Treatment

Sleep disorder may occur due to mental or physical health issues.

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Child Psychiatrists in Coimbatore

Child Psychiatrists

Since children aren’t capable of verbally expressing their problems, or even sometimes

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Schizophrenia Treatment In Coimbatore

Schizophrenia Treatment

Schizophrenia is a long term mental disorder that occurs in a person

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Substance Abuse Treatment in Coimbatore

Substance Abuse Treatment

A repetitive and over-usage of drugs or alcohol that causes mental

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ADHD Treatment in Coimbatore

ADHD Treatment

ADHD is a neurodevelopment disorder that causes above-normal levels of hyperactivity

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Sexual Disorders Treatment In Coimbatore

Sexual Disorders Treatment

We provide treatment for individuals and couples suffering from issues of sexual satisfaction.

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Personalized treatment for every unique problem.


Dr Syed Ummar consultant psychiatrist is a veteran professional and knows how to respect confidentiality. Everything you share with him stays only with him. So, whatever you want to share, you can share with absolute trust and confidence in him..

support 24/7

Dr Syed Ummar understands that psychological problems do not wait. So, you can make instant appointments via call. You will not be turned down. You will get an appointment very soon, every time you call.


Dr Syed Ummar believes in growth as a constant process. He keeps up with present day troubles and latest technology for problem diagnoses. This is the psychiatric doctor in Coimbatore you can go to with your unique problems and expect a solution.


All the staff members, if you happen to see anybody around, will be highly professional and approachable. You will never find a moment’s inconvenience at Syed Ummar’s consultancy clinic.

Work experience

Dr Syed Ummar has been a consultant psychiatrist for the past 15 years. His alma mater and his experience in unique cases of psychiatry, along with his books and conferences give him the expertise to help every person who comes to him.


Be it with confidentiality, or with prompt response, or with results from the medicines, or with side effect related complaints, you can rely on Syed Ummar for anything and everything. He takes care of his patients like family.

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Why Choose Dr Syed Ummar Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Syed Ummar is not just a psychiatrist by profession, he is a psychiatrist at heart. He genuinely cares about your wellbeing. He will do everything in the means of a psychiatrist to help cure or manage all your psychological problems.

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Clients get some advantages that will help them make life easier until their primary problems are managed. They include:

  • Response over multiple modes of communication; call, SMS, and email.
  • On spot appointments on the basis of urgency
  • Appointment scheduling and rescheduling over phone
  • Confidential service for you
  • Unlimited follow-up appointments so that you can continue your sessions as long as you want to.

Dr Syed Ummar has had thousands of clients every year, for over a decade. He believes he is successful every time an old client says they feel they might not need to visit anymore. He believes he is successful every time a new client comes and says they heard they can trust him.

At Dr Syed Ummar’s clinic, there is no giving up. No matter how long it takes and how complicated the issues may be, you are welcome to seek help. Some come with more complex issues that Dr Syed Ummar manage until a cure is found while some are cured sooner. You will not be disappointed with the progress you make with Dr Syed Ummar consultant psychiatrist

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